Greetings! I’m a freelance writer, published author, and journalist in Denver, Colorado.


As far as freelance and contract writing goes, I primarily write long-form medical content and product reviews. However, my experience varies. I’ve also worked as a journalist for a weekly newspaper, published fiction extensively, and written for video games, in addition to other projects.

Mannison Press (2021)

Substack (2021)

Various clients (2012-current)

Mannison Press (2019)

Fearsome Critters (2019)

Herald & Tribune, weekly news and feature articles (2016-2017)

Litro Magazine (2016)

  • Cyclical Journeys

Bartleby Snopes (2016)

Shotgun Honey (2015)

Killer Nashville Magazine (2015)

The Citron Review (2015)